Data Networks


Have you ever suffered from a lack of bandwidth or slow speeds?

We supply a variety of business broadband packages to help with speed, performance and reliability;

  • Fibre Leased Line

  • FTTC

  • EFM

  • 4G

Fibre Leased Line

Ideal for businesses looking for guaranteed bandwidth and increased reliability. With more and more applications moving to the cloud it is important to ensure connectivity to these services is secured.

You may even be eligible for a contribution towards the cost of installation from the government under their fibre connectivity scheme.

To find out if you qualify:

(Fibre to the Cabinet)

Fibre to the cabinet is the next generation broadband connection. Offering greater download and upload speeds by utilizing fibre optic cables from your local exchange.

(Ethernet First Mile)

‘Ethernet first mile’ is a method of delivering higher broadband speeds by combining copper pairs to deliver a higher grade of service to your business.

Ideal for those seeking ethernet connectivity on a budget.


Mainly used as a failover in case your primary internet connection fails. We can deliver traffic instantly over the 4G network using intelligent routing.