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I highly recommend Diacom, we have been using them for years. We left briefly to go with another firm, we didn’t even see the contract out before we went back with Diacom as the service is second to none and the team are friendly and informative, they always provide excellent and speedy service, you really can’t go wrong with these guys.

– Lee Morgan – IT Manager

SOS are one of the UK’s largest discount cash and carry wholesalers. They provide customers with a wide range of quality branded food, household goods and non-food items. With a diverse portfolio of over 4500 lines.

Diacom Networks acquired the support agreement for SOS voice and data in 2017, helping to improve their service greatly.

    The Summary   

SOS had migrated from ISDN to SIP with another supplier. They were experiencing a lot of the common issues associated when Voice traffic is not prioritized correctly on the data network. Dropped calls, poor speech quality and no explanation as to why.

We were contacted to help.

With the implementation of faster internet circuits and network management policies we were able to remove these issues entirely.

    The Challenge   

  • Taking over an existing implementation and reverse engineering the configuration.

  • Linking their Derby HQ to their Barnsley sales office.

  • Increase WAN reliability at both sites.

  • Change the overall perception of VOIP for the customer.

    The Solution   

  • 3CX re-installed and re-programmed at Derby HQ to optimize performance and provide the end user with the features they were promised.

  • Barnsley sales office set up with their own 3CX instance.

  • Derby and Barnsley networked together to provide extension visibility between nodes.

  • Cisco Meraki Security gateways.

  • Client VPN connectivity.

  • New Internet circuits providing redundancy and load balancing.

  • Prioritized Voice traffic to alleviate SIP issues left by previous supplier.

    The Result   

  • A vastly improved communications platform providing them with greater flexibility, management, reporting & performance.

  • Security gateways with greater performance, redundancy, visibility and features.

  • Extension visibility between nodes.

  • Faster internet circuits with added failover.

  • The customer had a bad experience which we were able to turn into a positive.

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